Intervista a Coco, vincitrice Ethical Design 2020

Full Name: Yang Ningyi Coco 
Date of birth: September 26th, 1996
Location of birth: Shanghai
Now living in Milano

Why did you decide to study as jewels designer? 
My mother is engaged in jewelry work. Once I followed her to a jewelry exhibition where I saw the excellent and elegant craftsmanship of Italian Bucellati jewelry. I was fascinated by Italian culture and jewelry craftsmanship!  Also, I have been fascinated by the jewelry environment since I was a child. So I began to consider going to Italy to study jewelry design.

Why did you choose IED?
Specialized jewelry design majors are relatively few in the comprehensive design colleges, but IED has good teaching staff and teaching environment.  Of course, after I learned that IED has more than ten campuses in Europe, I am even more convinced that this is a multicultural learning environment.  Jewelry design is a subject that integrates various artistic elements. Since I have chosen to go abroad and study abroad, IED is really suitable for me.

Did you find the brand Ethical Jewels inspiring? And if yes, why?
Yes, in my exploration and design, I constantly find inspiration for Ethical Jewels. Design is a material-consuming process, but design can save energy.  After all, human beings are always exploring how to coexist peacefully with nature.  The concept of Ethical Jewels is exploring this possibility, like a gymnast walking on a balance beam. Although it is difficult, it has achieved something that normal jewelry brands have not dared to try.  This is a struggle against our traditional ideas, and at the same time, it is a process of reconciliation with nature.

Which is your main goal? What would you like to become in the future?
During the entrance exam for IED, the examiner asked me what my design philosophy was.  I said “everything is inspiration”.  I always believe that everything in the world is the inspiration for my design, and I can also convey the idea of ​​everything through my jewelry design.  I hope my design can be like a bridge, a communication medium, telling various stories to more people, including a dust’s confession, or a history with a kind of craftsmanship, or a love story between two lovers.  I hope that in the future, I can tell more stories through my jewelry.

Jewelry design is a profession that requires continuous input to continue output.  I am grateful for all the encounters, allowing me to learn more about the world.  Thank you very much for this cooperation opportunity provided by Ethical Jewels and Belloni’s.

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